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Part one of a two-part podcast.  This past November, Student Housing Business brought together leaders from higher education, as well as the student housing industry, for the inaugural InterFace Student Housing Conference in Orlando.  A wide variety of topics salient to student housing were discussed -from Finance to Architectural Design Trends to Residence Hall Renovations and Technology.   In case you weren’t able to attend, the following session is one (of many) that you won’t want to miss. Listen as Doug Brown moderates a panel of higher ed professionals including Norb Dunkel, Associate VP for Student Affairs, Auxiliary Operations, University of Florida; Carl Dieso, Associate Director of Housing Operations, University of Cincinnati; John Eckman, Director of Residential Services, University of Pennsylvania; and Marc Robillard, Executive Director of Auxiliary Services, Boston University.  The topic of the discussion is The State of On-Campus Housing: Utilizing Student Housing for Recruiting, Retention & Enrollment Management.

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