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Timothy Evans joins us today.  Timothy is the assistant director of operations at the University Village Apartments, an on campus housing facility at California State University San Marcos.

One of the biggest topics in higher education these days is student debt.  And Tim has such a neat back-story that makes him passionate about getting out of, and staying out of, debt.  And with where Tim works, he is in a unique position to speak into the lives of students staring down the possibility leaving school with substantial debt.

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COCM's Jeff Kirkpatrick shares his story of how a dangerous situation propelled him into being an RA and eventually a full time student housing professional.

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In this "How I Got Into Student Housing" series, we've been talking to housing professionals to understand how they got into this field.  In every episode of the series, you’ll hear how a mentor and/or a situation guided each person into something they love.

In this episode we interview COCM's director of Towson Place Apartments, a student community at Towson University.  

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